Benefits of an Open MRI Scanner

Benefits of an Open MRI Scanner

Getting any sort of diagnostic test on your body can be a stressful thing, and you want to be sure that you’re doing everything that you can in order to stay ahead of things. But, did you know that there are benefits to getting your MRI done in an open MRI scanner as opposed to traditional options? Here are a few reasons why.

Makes it Less Anxiety-Inducing

open MRI scanner

Think about it – for a traditional MRI, you’re in a tube. Open MRI’s are a lot easier on people who get nervous in small, tight spaces. And, even if you’re not, you’re a lot more comfortable when you don’t have to squeeze into that small space for an hour or more.

More Accurate than Other Options

As the technology gets better for open MRI’s, it’s also a lot more accurate than the older MRI’s as well. The doctor can see a more complete picture during your diagnosis and make sure that they have everything in order so that you can stay ahead of problems.

Faster than Traditional MRI’s

Traditional MRI’s can take many hours due to all of the angles and such that your pictures need to be taken – it depends on the part of the body that is being dealt with. With the new technology also comes more speed – you can get it done faster and know that you’re getting the most accurate information possible as well.

Explore your options and see what there is that you can do to take care of the issues and to get your diagnostics dealt with properly. You can learn a lot and your doctor can make sure that you’re well taken care of as well. Look at what you’re able to work out and see what a big difference it can make for you.


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